A Gift for You…

This is a bird that one has drawn since childhood. The hand just moves to capture its stunning form and there are very few arts in the world that have not used its stylised version in some way or the other. So, when I crossed it in the morning, I didn’t think much of thse magnificient birds enjoying the open expanse.Image


As I tried to observe it unobtrusively, I had no inkling that I was in for the show of my life!


The Peacocks started dancing with abandon to a very appreciative audience, in me of course, but also in the peahens that strutted about a little self-consciously. 


In the beauty of this amazing bird, I found myself forgetting every thing. I don`t remember how long I stood there and how long it danced. Shimmering and turning ever so delicately, clockwise and anti-clockwise. Rustling and and shimmering its feathers in the newly awakening dawn. 

I have never been happier that I had my camera handy to capture these moments…moments when my breath caught in my chest and I felt a deep sense of peace at the beauty that is on our planet.

So these photographs are a gift to you…do take a few moments to note the precision with which this creature has been crafted…the way the huge plume is immaculate in its symmetry and beauty. And the colors…! OMG!

Have a beautiful day!

Morning Mania!

The Tree Pie is a gorgeous bird with a rather unattractive call. This mother and child were having a peaceful morning till I brought out my camera!


Sensing danger, the mother got all excited and started cawing and coming closer to me to keep me away from her young one.



Hearing her cries even the other birds, who I couldn`t really see, joined in the ruckus, including squirrels. A peaceful morning quickly degenerated into mayhem till I receeded back into my room and shut the door!

The solidarity in the animal kingdom is beautiful to watch…they let it be known, without any doubt, that it is ‘us’ they need to fear …..



Here’s a Little Gift for You!


These mega balloons are quite popular at road crossings and I have seen many a gleeful child beg his parents for one.

My thoughts always go to the person who will be given the onerous task of filling it with air :). The other thought that always comes to mind is how loud would the sound be when it bursts and if the little tot will ever recover from the fear of sudden loud sounds for the rest of his or her life!

When Micro becomes Mega :)

A Sunday morning stroll resulted in these…..


The busy bee finds time to rest within the fragrant, miniature flowers of a delicate plant…


The passion flower vine is in full bloom. Though mauve is a more common color, this brilliant scarlett also suits it very well. With its delicated tendrils reaching out to robust branches, the vine has climbed over the tallest trees. Who says ones weakness cannot turn into ones greatest strength!



Just when you think you`ve seen it all….THIS presents itself…. 🙂Image


And then, THIS…Life is so colorful and beautiful with a micro lens. What I like about using it is that complete stillness surrounds when one is using it. Withing the magic unfolding in the view finder and ones holding ones breath to steady the shot, there is no thought… Its a beautiful place to be in…over and over again..



There was a time when I believed that the most fun and intresting things will happen when one leaves home and goes to a different place. Now I realise that though that might be true, there is too much within the ground and the shrubs and the trees that is largely unexplored by us. Amazing things are happening underfoot but they seldom inerest…every change of season brings with it delightful colors and creatures. To be enthused by that and excited to observe and notice adds a beautiful dimesion to life…. 🙂