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The Dance that One Dances


India is one place that can take you by surprise at every turn. So much of life here exists by the roadside. There is always a juxtaposition of sorts here. Something that can pull one out of complacency and force one to think about a larger picture.

The brilliantly coloured umbrellas held by the lady in a faded saree, clutches the heart. In a way it reflects her situation poignantly…


On the other hand is the provocative shake of the hips by this nimble dancer 🙂 the only catch here is that the dancer is male. Clad like a female, these dancers play the role of women in a narration. Nothing in their movement is awkward, it’s pure grace and a joy to behold..

Two worlds can and do exist here, they compliment each other and add to the music that one creates or the dance the other dances 🙂


That’s India….. Colorful, vibrant, delightful, heart-wrenching, frustrating, infuriating yet captivating 🙂



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