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An Exhibition titled, “Encounters” by Daniela Cattaneo

Sometimes it takes foreign eyes to show us the beauty of the country we live in. 

I read about artist Daniela`s show during a cursory glance at the news paper. Her simple title, “Encounters”- A Tribute to India, piqued my curiosity and became the Date Destination for the week.

What I saw, took my breath away. Daniela had collected hand embroidered fabric in different sizes and superimposed a part of them with her artwork, often blending the stitches into her own artwork so as to show continuity from one world into another. It was a unique idea and an ode to the artisans who produce such beautiful handicraft.

The hand embroidered fabric is the kind most Delhites have seen being sold on pavements and fancy emporiums too. It took someones sensitivity to look beyond the obvious designs and find creativity and art hidden in it.



I had a chance to talk at length with Daniela and understand her sentiments about India, a country that she has travelled extensively. She said that she liked it because it is one of the few places where the old and ancient still coexists with the new in a harmonious way. To see a camel cart driver holding two cell phones, one glued to his ear and the other in his hand, was beautiful in her eyes. She also loved the way men and women still wore their traditional costumes and carried them with the elan of royalty. She was in awe of the beauty of Indian women. Openly stating that she had travelled the world and not seen such simple beauty any where else.


Daniela doesn`t sell her works, preferring to make it a travelling show. She had displayed paintings done in different countries. It gave a new meaning to her art work. Here was someone who looked way beyond the superficial into the essence of true art.

Meeting Daniela was a beautiful and enriching experience. Seeing her art, a spiritual one.



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