The wholesale flower market (phool mandi)  is a place that can take your breath away with the scenes it offers.  This man was carrying strings of gorgeous Marigold flowers,  that must have weighed a ton! He willingly posed for a quick pic,  before his boss saw him :)!

Table Decor!


Saw this ostentatiously done up table, complete with large metal plates, bowls, tea lights and lo and behold, rows of fresh fruit lining the edge! The chairs were like thrones and needless to say, pretty heavy. Once the diner had sat down he virtually became a prisoner of the waiters and the host 🙂

So You Think You are in control….

A popular show on radio requires the Radio Jockey to call up an unassuming person to chat about some simple issue. Slowly and determinedly the RJ escalates the conversation to a point where the person called comes down to angry swearing within seconds. This happens with unfailing regularity, much to the listener`s amusement.

The whole premise of this popular show is that the RJ will be able to say the exact things that will elicit a particular response from the person called. To think that we are like machines that react in certain predictable and reactive ways is quite unsettling.

While driving down a road, I was confronted by a motorcycle borne trio. The riders were in a jolly mood and were weaving their bike left and right at a very slow speed. They were making sure that I could not overtake them. Every time I used the horn they would raise their hands as if to provoke a rash reaction. Their complete lack of sensitivity and brashness got me livid with anger. I felt like a puppet, completely at the mercy of their outrageous and dominating behaviour.

“So you think you are in control?” I wanted to yell at them.

My mind calmly echoed the question back at me, “So you think you are in control?”

I wanted my answer to be a resounding, “Yes!”

Then something just fell in place… I saw myself at my destination a trifle later that expected but I would not be made to behave in a way that I did not want to.

 I realised that while the right to fight back is ours, the way we do it should be ours too. It should not be dependent on another person`s manipulation of us. That would be giving too much power to someone else and too little to our own self….