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Tell me Your Story

Tell me Your Story

An Ode to the lost Sparrows of our city… The vanishing birds tell a story of an altered environment. Unless we connect the dots to see the real picture, the loss will be irreparable.

Tell Me Your Story..

Sparrows have almost disappeared from the environment of Delhi. A recent article in the papers had requested people to report sightings of these little, chirpy birds, however, there was reporting of very few of them and that too scattered over a very large area.

`Connect the Dots` seems appropriate, because unless we do that, the real picture will never be clear to us. The picture of how we are ravaging our environment and what we are losing in the process will forever elude us.

Cheering Section..Our Ladders in Life

Some people are like ladders in our life. Their very presence elevates us. They make us rise higher by giving us solid support and a leg-up. In doing so, they show us that newer and more beautiful vistas still exist and need to be explored.

Their presence helps bridge chasms that yawn open in front of us and threaten to swallow us whole. With their support we gingerly cross over our difficult times and manage to plant our feet firmly into a new day with renewed energy and optimism.

The ladders in our life have dreamed dreams for us which they knew they might never themselves be a part of…they have supported us with their unwavering belief in us and so propelled us to be the best that we can be..

In the daily humdrum of life it is easy to forget that we could never have reached where we have without the support of such people…today is as good a day as any, to remember them…

And to tell them that I enjoy this view because they are in my life…. thank you for making it possible..

This goes for my entire family, you are the wind beneath my wings 🙂

Words Worth

I see them floating around, pieces of paper, like confetti, carrying differently coloured words….disappointed…happy…maybe…been planning…so sad…glad…will do…nature…love…children…

All these are snippets of pages from ancient diaries, diaries maintained over years, never re-visited, re-read yet carrying the ominous burden of the past. Stories about real and imagined hurts, extreme happiness, earth shattering sadness, tales about life-altering decisions and completely misjudged predictions of the future. At the end of it, this is all they are…a collection of words used to express the ephemeral nature of the emotions one is going through in the process of living. At that time they act as valves, helping one let off steam or gain perspective, but then their work is done.  Holding on to them is like trying to grasp at shadows.

Therefore, I systematically tear them to bits and throw them up and they fall around me like refreshing rain. It is a hugely cathartic experience, like a ritual cleansing, like taking a long soak and watching the dirt move away, leaving a fresh and clear feeling in its wake.

It has been said, “Never make permanent decisions based on temporary emotions.”

These written words serve the purpose of showing just how temporary these emotions really are, how quickly they change colour and just how important it is to recognise them for this quality. There is nothing permanent about them, the feebleness of the word, “Never” or the fragility of the word, “Always”.  In a non-permanent world, they fool us into believing that it will be different for us, that we will buck the trend.

What they serve to show is that, permanence is the biggest fallacy and change is the undisputed constant.

As I sit in a sea of floating words, I let go of all that I thought was permanent and train myself to enjoy the only thing that is…this simple, beautiful, present moment.

And true to my nature..I reach for a pen to record this new, life-altering insight. 🙂 



The sense of missing something important keeps me going back to the internet. It is a feeling that is prompted by a desire to stay abreast of what the world in general is up to. Sometimes, I leave feeling hugely satisfied and at other times disappointed by just how much more there is to learn and understand in what seems line and increasingly short life span.

With more and more individuals coming out with unique and unusual thoughts, be it in areas of photography, blogging, twitter, flipboard, pinterest, instagram, links on facebook, websites, online articles etc., the world seems like a colourful confetti of ideas and thoughts floating around and my daily attempt to catch a few of them always seems woefully insufficient.

My interest in art and psychology took me to sites offering online courses in Art Therapy. Before I could take that forward, I digressed by clicking on a name of a therapist and reading about her experiences and the answers she had given to various questions. Needless to say that my quest remained unfulfilled and incomplete. But not for long, the internet has made life more enriched and connected. I look forward to tomorrow, when I`ll spread my net once again, and hope to snag a useful bit that I can actually use, from the sea of information that is floating around…..  🙂