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Khalwat, a sacred retreat

`Khalwat` is a beautiful word. I had heard it sometimes but its real meaning eluded me till I went for an art exhibition and found this amazing definition describing the work space and life philosophy of artist Nasreen Mohammedi.


“Her art practice became her way of life, each inseparable from the other. The bareness of her studio resembled a Sufis “Khalwat”, a place for inner retreat meant for solitude, preparedness and emptying out of ones centre to become a receptacle of pure thought and light of knowledge.

Like the Sufis and Zen Buddhists, the artist practised the art of grasping the `barest form` of existence. A clear physical and mind space was a perquisite to her creative work that sharpened her powers of concentration and silent reflection.


The empty mind/


Drain it/

Squeeze it/


So that it receives/

The Sun…


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