Nothing is perfect… Yet everything is…

The joy of working on a tall Canvas, with some idea of what one wants to do, can be an interesting project 😁.

Here, I converted an 8×6 inch sketch into a 6ft tall Canvas. I love being spontaneous, but having a direction to work towards is nice too. One is better prepared with large quantities of material, and this is a good thing because then one can just pour colours and mix them instead of opening tubes with paint smeared hands 😊… Something that can have disastrous results, like streaked face or botched clothes πŸ™„πŸ˜‚


Streetcart Art

Nothing more beautiful than a #streetcart filled with the freshest of fruits that one can desire 😁!
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Take me where the wild flowers Grow, tall enough to give me a Hug πŸ˜

Wildflowers brimming with the energy of life, is right where I most feel at home, with the sound of birds for company and maybe a sketchbook in hand 😊!

I don’t know which direction my art is taking, but it fills me with joy everytime i paint 😍

Redefining Disability through Art

A brilliant panel, an amazing audience and a great learning and sharing experience! Had a great presentation 😊!

One forgets the processes one has put in place over years of work with a certain group of people. When those methods and processes are shared with a large, learned audience that want an insight into ones work, they are genuinely amazed and hugely surprised.

I was presenting to The professors and students of the Department of Education, most of whom have an interest in special education.

These Symposiums are a way forward for opening up minds and introducing fresh ideas through people who have hands on experience.

Had the fantastic opportunity to see how therapeutic dance and music work. The in depth personal journeys that people have undertaken, and are sharing is astonishing, to say the least… 😊

My Valentine 😍


When I got married, I wondered if I would miss my mother’s familiar knock on the wall that we both shared in common, and the one that served as my alarm clock when my mom banged it from her side 😁 in the wee hours of morning, and stopped only when I gave a return knock to let her know that I had woken up? πŸ˜‚

Would I miss not waking up to the fragrance of moms special pancakes as I got dressed for the day? While her favourite shabad kirtan played softly? Or coming to her with a tray at 5 p.m and in a sing-song voice calling out, ‘Tea-time!!’ β˜•! And seeing her delightful smile as she deeply inhaled the fragrance of cardamom in her chai as she settled herself into her favourite garden chair?

I wondered if I would get the ‘space’ that she had taught me to cherish and guard and revel in and make it my best friend, just as she had? ☁️☁️

With the passing of time and without her really knowing it, she became my greatest teacher and guide….I needed no guru, if I could just have her wise counsel. I could trust her to see some positivity in a situation that looked bleak and hopeless to me….🌀️

When I go back to her now, some of our rituals remain the same, I make the evening tea and she lays the morning breakfast. I drive her to our favorite picnic spots on the Doon Mussoorie road and we reminisce about the time gone by, taking turns to fill our mugs with tea from our favorite thermos….😊

She constantly reiterates the pleasure of being in the moment… Of looking forward to the small joys and not getting bogged down by bigger issues. After all, she says, we have just one life to live, let’s celebrate it…. πŸ’•!

You made every little joy count and made every transition in life an experience to enjoy… For that, Thank you!

This Valentines Day is dedicated to you Maa, for being my FirstπŸ₯‡ L❀️VE !!!