God lies in the Details πŸ˜Š

‘God lies in the details’
I heard people say
Now I realise
What they meant 😁

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The Undisputed Queen

Queen of the Earth
Nymph of the Forest
If it isn’t your spirit
That moves this sky
Then Heaven knows
What does!

#Watercolours #art #painting #nature

Pug Pleasure 😊!


Motu has taught me the joy of sitting around flowers, at his level.

Not the sophisticated opportunities of being around a vase elegantly filled with hand-picked beauties, but the ‘son-of-the-soil’ types, where one barges into a blossoming flowerbed head-on, dislodging and dispersing fragrance in all directions😁…. Smelling leaves too, because everyone smells the flowers, duh!

So, as he sits amongst flowers, smack in the middle of them, trying to pass of as a daisy, πŸ˜‚… I linger nearby, sitting on grass, inhaling appreciatively, the subtle delicacy of sun in winter and the blessing of a playful pet, one who teaches through example, what it means to enjoy the ‘simple pleasures of life’ πŸ€—

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Memories are Made if These… πŸ˜

Before the start of 2019, I bought a simple daily diary, small and portable.

Everyday of 2019, I wrote little snippets to connect me with my Day… The time I woke up, what was the temperature, who was visiting, what I was reading,some quote I read… I also made a small column for a gratitude list and one small area for an affirmation… As I leaf through the days gone by, I fondly stop at a paragraph that mentions my brothers visit, we played Frisbee. Another page tells me about my travel to Doon, the drive to the mountains, the deep gratitude I felt meeting old friends of my mom’s and the food they cooked as a special treat for me😊… I remember feelings and aromas, it’s the most beautiful sensation to realise how every day was different, yet so special.

This year while browsing at a bookshop, I came across this stunning Paulo Coelho planner… It’s got quotes, breathtakingly beautiful illustrations and enough space for me to squeeze in the most memorable parts of my day… I look forward to another year of jotting small observations and heart-touching moments… I know I won’t be saying, “The year just flew by!” because I would know exactly where it wentπŸ€—!


ishing all you wonderful people a beautiful and blessed 2020!πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠβ£οΈ