Merge to Emerge 😊

Merge to Emerge 😊

I twirl a slim piece of cottonwool between my fingers, it becomes too thin in places and seems ready to crumble. I overlap weak strands over each other to toughen them.

Finally, I place this delicate wick in a Diya full of ghee, I see it absorb the ghee and settle itself contentedly in a coil at the base. The small portion that is above the oil, is what I light. The heat of the match consumes it an seconds, however, when the flame reaches the ghee, it slows down, steadies itself, reintroduces itself not as a foe but a friend. Both, the wick and the flame understand each other with a new respect… They modify each other… The cotton doesn’t feel as vulnerable and the flame doesn’t feel as powerful. The ghee that played mediator to both, smiles with all its purity.

Sometimes I feel like an unimmersed wick. Weak, brittle, fragile, but then, with the oil of faith or prayer, I find myself becoming stronger. I embrace life with all its ups and downs, understanding that everyday will sometimes challenge and at other times, pamper, but I shall stay steady and radiant like the delicate wick, immersed completely, burning steadily, morphing gradually from something dainty to something far more steady, bright and beautiful… 💕
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If Only…

If only
The riches
In nature
Could alleviate
Pain and Poverty
What a place
This Earth
Could be…!

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A Murder in the Himalayas, Book Review


This book comes with a whiff of fresh mountain air. A very welcome change in today’s polluted Delhi scenario 😊!

Every page of this intriguing murder mystery takes one deeper into forests and higher into mountains. This is one of the reasons that I loved reading it as much as l did.

This is also the first introduction by author Udayan Mukherjee to a rather elegant detective, Neville Wadia. Who I definitely want to see more of!

Wadia, an ex- supercop, has chosen a quiet, idyllic life in a small hamlet in the Himalayas called Birtola. But his peaceful existence comes to an abrupt end with the gruesome murder of a friend and activist, Clare, near a bubbling mountain brook, forcing him to don the mantle of being a detective once again.

This event brings the sleepy village of Birtola to a rude awakening and becomes a perfect setting for an unputdownable ‘whodunit’.

What rings true for this book is the love of the author for his beloved mountains. Through his depiction of them, he ensnares us into imagining us being there, walking those narrow mountain paths, making our acquaintance with simple hill people and becoming a part of their life.

The murder itself and the varied characters introduced within the story as possible suspects keeps one turning the pages and second-guessing the writer.

Like Udayan’s previous book, Dark Circles, which was family centric, I found this book, well written though simple in language and vocabulary. It’s almost like he’s testing his writing chops before really plunging into the writer in him.

Personally, I can’t wait for his next book and see where he takes us with his imaginative forays!

Messing with Mother Nature 😁

It’s a lot of fun to drag the easel out and paint while being surrounded by bird song and breeze… It gives one so much joy that there is no place for small worries like how the painting shaping up 😁!

Nature takes away all stress and leaves in its place a strange contentment and sense of being complete 💕

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