Watercolour Wildflowers

All the flowers
I have ever known
Lie in a sunlit corner
Of my mind
Alive and resplendent
As though
Was just yesterday
And I,
A girl of sixteen… πŸ’•

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Colorful Remains of Spring πŸ˜Š

So, today we worked with mixed media of watercolours, acrylic and watercolour pencils… With the aim of making colour vibrant and contrasts more effective 😁

What is a bed of wilderness
If not scattered happiness
In all colours 😊

A Place Called Home 2 πŸ’•

Some construction work is going on by the roadside and the laborers have made a makeshift tent for their lodging.

They have selected a cool patch under some trees. The plastic sheets are a riot of colours and there’s a handful of utensils to get on with the daily business of cooking. Sometimes, when I cross them, the front of their home is being swept clean… It’s simple, beautiful and so down to earth πŸ’•

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I am most grateful for
For images that
Take me back
To cool places
And deepening shadows
For heavy monsoon foliage
And distant impression
Of trees
I am grateful for paper
And colour
And pens and pencils
That with unerring regularity
Give life
To the vision, I see
Through the window
Of either the soul
Eye…. 😊❀️

Gifts from the Subconscious.

I have been keeping a diary/sketchbook by my bedside for some time now.

One doesn’t want to lose the precious insights and imagery that creep in from the dark subconscious into the bright light of the conscious… Unheralded and sudden, only to disappear within seconds, leaving one awake for hours, just trying to catch the gist of it.

I have woken up to a scrawl I cannot decipher and one meandering word per page, nonsensical and confused, yet it seemed so important at that time of night to just jot it down 😁

Last night, I remember scribbling something. .. I was very sleepy, yet couldn’t let go of my pen, some snippets from a show I was watching, some random thoughts, all coming together as interweaving lines that I had no energy to make sense of and no desire either.

In the morning I looked at my open sketchbook and found this maze .. I refined it considerably, trying to put them into some cohesive narrative.

This is what it looks like now 😊

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The scope of Improvement πŸ™†β€β™€οΈ

Ah… The unexpected joy of complexity😁
To take something at face value and then enhance it further, complicate it, layer it… Settle for nothing less… This holds big lesson in life too… There is a scope of improvement every where it is the largest room around us!
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